Set at the intersection of three scenic valleys  Bodmin, Gover and Pentewan lies St. Austell once described by John Wesley the prolific preacher as 'a neat little town on the side of a fruitful hill'. The town itself has known great prosperity thanks to its rich mining heritage and investment.

Named after the Cornish saint 'St. Austol' the earliest historical reference lies in the Doomsday Book (1086) which describes the Manor of Tewington as located near 'St Awstle situate not far from the head of Tywardreth baye, nare onto Gwallon Downes'.

Today St.Austell is happy to boast a smart new shopping centre which opened in 2009. Crowds are regulaly seen drawn to the town to see the 'Cornish Alps', the Eden Project, Heligan Gardens, the China Clay Musuem, Charlestown and many of the other attractions.

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