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Restormel Concert Band was founded in 1979. The intention was to provide a platform for the many talented woodwind players in Cornwall that had no opportunity to play in any form of ensemble. Originally known as St Austell Concert Band the name was soon changed due to confusion with the already established St Austell Brass Band.

The 10th Anniversary of the foundation of the band saw a special concert held in a Marquee at John Keay House with special guest, the legendary trombone player and star of the then Black and White Minstral Show,
George Chisholm.

1999 saw the Band's 20th Birthday celebrated on board the square-rigger " Earl of Pembroke " at Charlestown. The concert which featured the 1812 overture with full cannon and mortar effects. The concert raised £3,000 for the RNLI.

For the bands 30th birthday we returned to dry land with a spectacular concert of over 200 singers and instrumentalists. This time the band commisioned a new work for choir and orchestra called 'Rostormol Festival' from Colin Touchin. The concert was sponsored by the National Lottery.

This year ( 2019) the Bandis celebrating it's 40th Birthday. The event was  marked by a superb concert in June at the St Austell Parish Church.

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